Beachside Sailing Gets a new owner

Hello everyone my name is Capt. William “Billy” Chandler Some of you may already Know me as I have been associated with Beachside for over 5 years now. Late in 2017 the previous owner Patrick Close gave me a wonderful opportunity (I THINK JURY’S STILL OUT ) to become the owner of the company. At 59 most people are contemplating retirement, well apparently not Capt Billy so with some trepidation not to mention down rite FEAR OF FAILURE I made a deal with Patrick and took ownership of said company on January 01, 2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and please keep in touch you will notice a few changes in the coming weeks and months in pricing some higher some lower as well as product changes. Your input and suggestions are always welcome and I hope to meet and shake the hand of any and all of you. Thank You and Following Seas Capt. Billy

Congratulations to Matthew and Kelly on completing ASA 101, 103 and 104!




Congratulations to Jim and Debra on completing ASA 101, 103, and 104!




Congratulations to Brad and Laura on completing ASA 101!